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Pioneered and exclusively developed by Dr Sef.

My signature facial is the ultimate anti-ageing facial rejuvenation treatment. Combining the power of POLY-L LACTIC ACID (PLLA), MICRO-TOX and 120mg of micro-stabilised HA, delivered in a series of small micro-injections in a bespoke pattern to your individual anatomy.

This treatment can last up to two years from just a single session. No other skin booster can match the collagen boosting properties of the formula I have created. It can significantly delay, prevent and reverse the signs of ageing and optimise global skin health.

What is my Signature facial?

Small painless micro-injections on each side of the face, is all that is required to deliver my fountain of youth elixir into your skin.

The injection is composed of three medical molecules:




What is PLLA and how does it work?

PLLA is a potent collagen stimulator. It effortlessly stimulates your skin to produce collagen fibres. Collagen will tighten your skin, without adding volume.

What is MICRO-TOX and how does it work?

Micro-tox is the same as traditional botulinum toxin injections. The difference is in the technique. Micro-tox is delivered in the very superficial layers of the skin. It will tighten pores, diminish fine lines and provide a profound radiance. It does not affect facial muscles or expression and can drastically reduce the appearance of static and dynamic lines.

If suitability indicated and you request it, the standard 3 areas of botulinum toxin are included in this treatment, to enhance the effects of your facial treatment.


It can significantly delay, prevent and reverse the signs of ageing and optimise global skin health. With our patented technology and proprietary protocol, we have created a skin treatment that delivers 120mg of ultra pure, micro-stabilised hyaluronic acid serum delivered directly into the dermis layer of your skin. It will further remodel the skin by exerting its bio-mechanical effects, stimulating dermal fibroblasts to produce elastin, pro-collagen and collagen.

It exerts its affects in two ways:

1. Hydrobalance = Brighter, smooth surface, radiant, even tone. Due to the moisture and hydration increase from the powerful Hyaluronic acid water attracting capabilities.

2. Dermal remodelling= Firm, dense, tightened skin. Due to the fibroblast activation, increased cell signalling. Exerted by the bio-mechanical effects of the formula.

How does it compare to other products on the market?

There is no other competitor on the market that combines these 3 powerful molecules in a single injection.

Our formula contains up to 120mg of ultra pure micro-stabilised hyaluronic acid serum delivered in one session. This is the highest concentration delivered in just a single session, almost double than our main competitors.

Our other competitors have 40-70mg of HA per session, of which at least half are short chained molecules and not micro-stabilised. Short chain molecules, once injected, last 12-24 hours!… Let us repeat that 12-24 hours! Half of what you’re paying for is metabolised within 12-24 hours.

Our formula is micro stabilised, meaning it will last.

What results can I expect?

It will improve the appearance of the following:

Reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improvement in skins surface roughness and texture.

Brighter, less dull and more even skin tone.

Restored hydrobalance – more hydrated, dewy, soft and supple skin.

Increased dermis layer thickness by stimulating the production of collagen, resulting in more elastic healthier looking skin.

It does produce a more airbrushed effect to your skin. Like a real life air brush.

Who will benefit from this treatment?

Everyone. My signature facial is so versatile it can be used on a wide spectrum of clients and skin types. From all different ages.

There is no right age to start. It can be used from as early as your 20’s to maintain your youthful skin and prevent the signs of ageing. Also who doesn’t want hydrated, dewy skin all year round.

20-30s range
To delay and prevent the signs of ageing.

30+ range
To reverse, delay and prevent the signs of ageing.

How many sessions do I need?

Initially you will require two sessions spaced 4 weeks apart to obtain the optimal desired effects. Then once every 12-24 months (or sooner) based on your own individual results and skin goals.

Why is the 2nd session just 4 weeks after the 1st session?

To obtain the optimal dermal remodelling benefits from the PLLA and 120mg HA, it is recommended to stimulate the fibroblasts twice. This creates a surge of cell signalling and production of pro-collagen peptides which will lay down further collagen fibres thus tightening the skin.

2 sessions greatly increase and regulate the production of these vital skin proteins. It is critical to maintain the ongoing tissue activation and continued stimulation of the dermal matrix. This will build the collagen back up into the skin.

What is the downtime?

Virtually none. You will have small bumps underneath the surface of your skin, similar to anti-wrinkle and skin booster injections (these will disappear in less than 20 minutes after the injection).

You can go back to work straight away and all that is required is the standard aftercare advice following all facial cosmetic injections.

Is it painless?

Yes. If requested we can provide numbing cream. There is local anaesthetic in the product to further minimise any discomfort, if there is any.

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